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Cary Police Department Community Safety Meeting
Posted on Jun 30th, 2017

Officer Jerry McCormick presented the community with some statistics of crime in the Town of Cary, which is still rated as one of the safest communities.  In the 23 square mile radius of the district, on average there are 9 burglaries per month, this includes vehicles, homes, & home invasions.  In the month of May there were a total of five, three of which happened the night of the incident.  The police also reiterated several times that this was the first time that anything like this incident has happened in 25 years, so it is not normal for the area.  The police also do not feel that Preston is being identified as a target, majority of the districts issues have been in apartments due to the easy access of vehicles.
The individual that was responsible for the burglaries that evening has a homeless person, which had been living in his vehicle.  Through the investigation the police have been able to confirm he was working alone, so this was not a group of individuals.  The police were on site within three minutes, however it did take over two hours to locate the individual with the police dogs.
The main safety advise provided by the police was to be vigilant, and for neighbors to watch out for one another.
Some things to look out for, and call the police if you see the following:
Cars driving slowly down the street, turning around going back out slowly and leaving the neighborhood.
Cars parked in the street that are not familiar to you for periods of time.
Solicitors going through the neighborhood knocking on doors, without any product etc.
The Town of Cary Police Department offer the following services to the community:
Free Home Safety Assessment – you can contact the Town of Cary Police Department and request an appointment where they will come and assess your home for any items you can improve upon for safety.
Hello Neighbor – the police will drive through at random and take notes if the see anything of concern at a home and then send you a notice.  Example:  Garage door open during the day with no one in sight.
Watch Assist – If you are to be out of town for an extended period, the Town of Cary Police Department will come by and check your property for you.
Tips from the Cary Police Department for when you are not at home, whether for an evening or weekends.
               Create the impression someone is home
               Use indoor lamp timers or leave on television
               Install motion sensor lighting outside
               Install alarm system
               Reinforce doors & windows
               Secure any firearms at all times
               Stop the mail & paper delivery while on vacation
Take the garbage cans in after pick up, or have a neighbor put them away if you will be out for the evening
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