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Parking on the Street in Preston

Parking complaints have become the number one issue handled by the management company, CAS, Inc.   Many PCA members appreciate and value the covenants and their influence on property valuation and look to the PCA and CAS for enforcement thereof.

Section 12 of The Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Preston governs On Street Parking and is reiterated below.

“The Owner of each Lot shall provide for adequate parking space on the Lot for vehicles of all types and all other apparatus designed for movement over and upon streets or highways (whether self-propelled or not) and regularly used by the residents of the single-family residence on the Lot.  No automobiles, trucks, vans, travel trailers, other trailers or any other apparatus designed for movement over and upon streets or highways (whether self-propelled or not) shall be regularly parked on the streets within or adjoining the Property, and trucks with tonnage in excess of one (1) ton shall not be permitted to park overnight on the streets, driveways or otherwise within the Property, except that Declarant may allow such parking by any such vehicles used in connection with the construction of improvements within the Property.  In addition and supplemental to the prohibitions on parking set forth in this Declaration the Board is empowered to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations relating to parking on the streets within or adjoining the Property.”
If you have a complaint within the context of the covenants, please contact Tammy Seigerman, Preston Community Manager at CAS via email (, or at 919.367.7711 .  You can also use the Contact Us page.  Parking complaints are handled very carefully and we request that you provide the following information.
  • Vehicle License Plate number
  • Number of days or nights the vehicle has been or is parked on the street
Violations of the covenants will include letters of warning after which daily fines can be assessed for repeat offenses.

In addition to the covenants there are municipal regulations governing on street parking.  With assistance from the Town of Cary and Morrisville police, we have summarized their ordinances below.
  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet either way of a mailbox Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5PM except federal holidays. (Cary)
  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet of a stop sign.
  • No vehicle may be parked in front of a private driveway.
  • No trailers such as boat or utility trailers that are unhitched from a vehicle shall be left on the street.
  • No vehicles parked further than 12″ from the curb.
  • No vehicles in cul-de-sacs may be parked straight on facing houses.  Vehicles must be parked along and parallel to the curb.
  • No parking anywhere within 25’ of any intersection.
  • No parking within a marked bicycle lane.
  • No parking on a street marked by a center line where the parked car may force a passing vehicle into the other lane. (Cary)

If you feel a vehicle is violating a town ordinance, you can contact the Cary Police Department at the non-emergency number - 919.469.4012.  The Town of Morrisville non emergency number is 919.829.1911.  The PCA is not in a position to enforce municipal laws.
The municipal parking rules are designed to keep our communities safe from accidents and to protect the access for both citizen and public emergency vehicles.  The PCA parking covenants reflect the intent of the original Preston developer to help maintain the community appearance and property values.
Thank you very much for your help and cooperation in this sometimes difficult matter.  If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please let us know.