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Preston Traffic Calming

There was a Community Meeting on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at the Morrisville
Town Hall regarding traffic calming within the Preston Grande / Crabtree
Crossing areas. Town staff presented their proposed traffic calming
package and there was a constructive conversation regarding its necessity
and merits.
For those of you that couldn't be there, presentation material has been
uploaded to the Preston Traffic website at
for the file named "Preston Grande Presentation May 11, 2011." Both
PowerPoint and PDF versions available. The material contains specific
information regarding cost, speed table locations and other specifics.
Town staff also presented their determination of the canvas area, which is
the definition of those that will be polled as to their interest in
proceeding with the traffic calming measures. As we've discussed before,
this is a requirement of the traffic calming policy. Per the final legal
interpretation, only property owners that front roads to be improved by the
traffic calming measures will be canvassed. Property owners representing 70%
of the total lineal frontage footing must respond to the canvas for it to a
certified canvas - and property owners representing 65% total lineal
frontage footing must respond positively to the canvas for the petition to
proceed. A map of the property owners to be canvassed is included in the
presentation material.
The last slide in the deck refers to "next steps." Since the total cost of
the package came in under the funds available from Park West, there will be
no assessment to residents if the choice is made to proceed with the
installation of the measures. Given that, there is no need for both a
"petition of interest" and a "petition for assessment" - meaning that the
timeline can be expedited.
In the meeting, the following next steps were shared:
. Regis Rulifson will conduct a straw poll of the property owners in
  the canvas area very soon to qualitatively gauge sentiment to proceed, using
  the proposal presented Wednesday as the basis for consideration.
. Meanwhile, Town staff is considering several edits to the proposal,
  based on the feedback received Wednesday evening.
. If sentiment is to proceed, an official canvas will be launched in
  late May, to be completed by 17 June.
. Canvas results will be presented to the Town Council at their 12
  July meeting, requesting an expedited decision. This can be done since the
  Public Services Advisory Committee has already considered and approved the
  traffic calming proposal.
. The Town Council would then make a final decision on 28 July. There
  is no need for a public hearing because no assessment is being required.
. Since the bidding has already occurred, it is conceivable
  installation would occur shortly thereafter.
Regis Rulifson
Traffic Calming Issues Update Februaru 26th 2011
Posted on Apr 6th, 2011
Town staff and residents have discussed numerous possible traffic calming devices
for the Preston Grande and Crabtree Crossing areas over the course of the last two
months. Over that time your input has been provided to the Town and the design of
the entire set of devices to be utilized has evolved. The following represents the
current thinking, consisting of speed tables, high visibility crosswalks, and bike lane
Town staff believes the package, as presented, should reduce neighborhood traffic
volume and speed. An additional traffic study will be conducted before June, which
should provide a better baseline to assess traffic volume changes in the future. Given
the timeline we’ve been pursuing, it is possible to have the traffic calming devices
installed at about the time that Park West Village opens.
Your comments over the next week or two are important as this package is further
refined. As they’re received, comments provided directly to me or posted on our
Google Groups site will be passed along to Town staff. The next step will be to
convene a Community Meeting to discuss the package and the canvassing and
assessment processes (if any).
Speed Table Design:
The design of the speed tables include 6’ entry and exit ramps with a 10’ flat top
spanning the width of the road at a height of 3.5” to 4” (not like the design of the
“humps” on Crabtree Crossing) Their placement is important in controlling speed,
but certain locations must be avoided because of intersecting driveways or other
Crabtree Crossing:
Four speed tables would be installed on Crabtree Crossing, beginning near the Town
line and extending toward Morrisville Parkway. Pavement edge striping lanes would
be painted to follow in a form similar to the lanes marked in the Cary portion.
Ridge Creek:
Three speed tables would be placed on Ridge Creek, with one on the uphill slope
coming off Crabtree Crossing, one the downhill approaching Preston Grande and
one in between the other two.
Ridge Creek / Preston Grande:
The intersection at Ridge Creek and Preston Grande would be reconfigured. Stop
signs would be added on Preston Grande and Bending Oak, while the stop sign on
Ridge Creek would be removed. Stopping traffic on Preston Grande should resolve
driver confusion for persons exiting Ridge Creek. A speed table located on Preston
Grande very near the intersection should significantly slow traffic exiting Ridge
Creek and will enhance stopping compliance on Preston Grande. Stop bars will be
installed at the stop signs. No other lane markings are anticipated.
Preston Grande:
Three speed tables would be installed on Preston Grande, with one placed at the
Ridge Creek intersection, one prior to the Rainbrook intersection and one in
between the other two.
Preston Grande / Rainbrook:
As part of traffic safety improvements, stop bars and lane markings are already
planned for installation and should significantly enhance stopping compliance.
Additional stop signs will not be installed, however speed tables on Rainbrook and
Preston Grande will significantly slow approaching traffic and further enhance
stopping compliance. The speed table on Rainbrook will be configured as a high
visibility crosswalk (raised crosswalk), connecting the sidewalks on either side of
the intersection.
In addition to the s raised crosswalk at the Preston Grande intersection, one
additional speed table will be located midway to the Cary Parkway intersection.
The cost of the package is estimated to be $64,217, in total. Subtract from that the
$50,000 contribution from Park West Village and about another &7,000 to be paid
by the Town. The balance of $7,217 will be split evenly between the Town and
residents, per Morrisville traffic calming policy. There are about 200 homes in the
impacted area, meaning a per household cost of about $18.