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Foxes, Coyotes and Wildlife In Preston
  • chevron_rightI have seen a fox or coyote? What should I do?
    We continue to receive reports of fox and coyote sightings within the Preston community particularaly during the spring. 
    This is a fact of nature due to where we live and projects like the nearby 90 acre Park West disrupt and displace wildlife. There is little that the Preston Community Association can do beyond providing a community resource for information exchange and outreach should there be an extreme situation such as a rabid or sick animal in the area.
    The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission offers tips for co-existing with wildlife, including foxes, coyotes, Canada geese, beavers, black bears, and deer.
    In the case of rabies, the Town of Cary states…
    “If you see an animal that you believe may be rabid, call to report the location of the animal. Do not try to touch or capture the animal because it may attempt to bite you. Animals with rabies usually show some type of behavioral change. They can be aggressive and excited or depressed and lethargic. They may be uncoordinated and unfocused on the presence of humans around them. In Cary, the most common types of wildlife which may carry the rabies virus are raccoons, foxes and bats.”
    In the case of nuisance and sick wildlife, the Town of Cary Animal Control can be reached at (919) 319-4517.
    If you become aware of a rabid animal, please let us know so we can alert the community on our website and through email.
  • chevron_rightHow can I help?
    There are several committees that seek and need volunteers including Landscaping and the Architetural Review Board.
    We are also seeking representation from each subdivision to represent the interest of the overall community to their neighbors.
    Please use contact us to express your interest.